Internationale Korrespondentie – April/May 1975

The striking April-May issue of Internationale Korrespondentie, an important Dutch left-communist journal. This issue presents early (and likely the first) Dutch publication of Paolo Carpignano’s article on U.S. class composition in the sixties and Mariarosa Dalla Costa’s ‘Women and the Subversion of the Community’.

Dalla Costa’s article (in this printing written as ‘della Costa’) is a Dutch translation of her seminal essay ‘Women and the Subversion of the Community’, first published in Italian in 1971 and then in initial English translation in 1972. Dalla Costa wrote an extensive note on the genesis of the essay in the English collection of her writings published by PM Press in 2019 (pp. 47-49).

The Italian version of Carpignano’s article appeared in 1974 in the book Crisi e Organizzatione Operaia and would appear in Zerowork 1 in 1975. The date on the Dutch translation is December 1973, whereas the English translation is dated January 1974.

The journal shows up in the trade from time to time and is held at a handful of European archives, mostly in the Netherlands. No copies of this issue are found in North American institutions. (The Martin & Jessie Glaberman Papers hold a couple of issues). We have scanned and uploaded the journal to Libcom for those interested (here).

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