From DuBois to Fanon – C.L.R. James (1970)

This short booklet is a bit of a mystery. Grimshaw (1992), in The C.L.R. James Reader, simply lists it as “From DuBois to Fanon, (text of a talk), Michigan, 1970, 4 pp.” The “additional copies from” groups listed on the front include the Black Liberation Front International (B.L.FI.), a Pan-Africanist student group based at Michigan State University (some descriptive info can be found on p. 8, here). B.L.F.I. founders included the important activist and theorist Kimathi Mohammed; Michael Hudson (author of the 1972 book Super Imperalism: The Origins and Fundamentals of U.S. World Dominance); Sam Riddle; Kenyan historian and activist, Maina Kinyatti; Mike Tripp; and Kamuyu Kang’ethe. (Useful context and history on the group, including their intersection with James, can be found in Joy Karenga’s article here, Don Coleman’s dissertation here, and Matthew Quest’s dissertation here). Also listed are the Pan African Institute for Self Reliance, and Friends of Facing Reality Publishing (F.F.R.P.).

The booklet uses “DuBois” rather than “Du Bois” and looks at the trajectory between the two intellectuals and activists. James discusses DuBois, Nkrumah, Padmore, and Fanon in typical sweeping prose.

This booklet is uncommon but not rare. At the time of writing there is one copy in the trade (for $75) and is held at at least four institutions. Our copy has some staining and dog ears but it is in good condition otherwise. We could not locate it online so have scanned a copy to Libcom, here.

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